Broker/Agent Package Application

If you are a licensed Salesperson on Prince Edward Island and wish to become a broker then please complete the following form as accurately as possible. Your information will be verified. You must be under a Firm Office for at least two years to qualify for this course,

Once you receive the Broker package you will have 6 months to prepare and write the exam. You will be given notification of your marks within ten business days. A passing grade is 75%.

The Real Estate Agent/Broker Package Fee is $2,500.00 + HST and it is non-refundable.

Please note: applicant must hold a current real estate license, active in the last 24 months and a member in good standing in their current jurisdiction. If applicant has not been active in the last 24 months, they will be required to take the Real Estate Prep Course, & Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course.

Note: Provincial Trading Act- 8. (1) The Registrar shall not issue an agent’s license to a person unless that person maintains a permanent office in the province satisfactory to the Registrar. (2) The Registrar shall not issue a license to an individual unless the Individual (a) is a citizen of Canada or has the status of permanent resident of Canada; and (b) appears to the Registrar to be otherwise suitable for licensing. R.S.P.E.I. 1974, Cap. R-3, s.8; 2004, c.14, s.3.

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You must email a copy of your license to within 3 days of this application.


$2,500.00 + HST ($375.00)

See Payment Instructions on the right-hand side of the page.


There are additional requirements needed to meet before applying for your Broker license including:

  • A Current Salesperson License on Prince Edward Island
  • Worked under a firm office for at least two years
  • Be a member in good standing for in your current juristiction
  • The information on the application WILL BE verified.

Payment Methods

Paying with Cheque?

Cheques are payable to The PEI Real Estate Association:
The PEI Real Estate Association
3 Lower Malpeque Road
Unit L100
Charlottetown, PEI
C1E 1R4

Paying with E-Transfer?

Please arrange E-transfer payment with

Paying with PayPal?

Once you click SUBMIT, you will be redirected to the Secure PayPal website. Follow the procedure outlined on the Paypal site. Be sure to complete all the steps and then click Return to The PEI Real Estate Association site.

Upon receiving payment you will be sent an email confirming your payment and with further instruction.